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Editorial Series

LIFE 3.0

Life 3.0

Vast developments in technology, advancing hand in hand with rapid planet ecosystem change, predict a situation defined by an environment where technology levels nature and where notions of the biological, natural and terrestrial need to be revised.

Life 3.0 presents immersive and multimedia installations that question our capacity as a species to relate to these changes. It illuminates the changing relationships between man, nature and technology as a whole. As technological megastructure and eco-systems shift, this deeply researched and vital exhibition is an open question.

Life 3.0 confronts the viewer with multi- speculations about how eco-systems are metamorphosing now that humanity has entered the ‘algocene’.

The algocene is a new phase of the anthropocene, where ecology has become technology, where a mega- digital structure has emerged and where a global system transforms the biosphere into a post-agrarian system.

In this context, which is irremediably the beginning of a new situation, we must rethink the relationship between human societies and non-human systems.

In this technologically intertwined world, a new form of reality is taking shape. Artists confront art to the infinite by embracing and opening wide the blurred boundaries of the visible and the invisible, calling into question our perception of the world.

If the digital layer has become the metaphysic of the world, then the reality of the world has become far more speculative and constantly exposed to

our own processes of negotiation. As we awaken to the full scale of space and time, we awaken also to our own capacities for altering our planet and ourselves.

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